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Ferenc Herbert


2004.-BMF Kand-EKH Head of the Renewable Energy Resarch Center in Budapest Polytechnic Klmn Kand Faculty of Electrical Engineering

2002- Managing Director and CEO of the SOL Ltd. Leader of the first Hungarian pilot Solar Central project.(MOL)
1998-2002. Managing Director and CEO of the Tecnounion Inc. Installation more than 40 solar project with Dunasolar thin film technology in Paraguay and Argentina.

1991-1998 Commercial Counsellor for the Hungarian Republic in Argentina.
1994-1998 President of the International Comercial advisors accredited to the Government of Argentina and as members of a 23 years old professional association of 67 nations around the world


1987-1991 Marketing Director for the Ganz Electric Works.
1983-1987 Director of the Department of Design for high voltage substations at the Ganz Electric Works in Budapest, Hungary.
1977-1983 Chief Project Engineer for the „Canon del Pato” hydro power plant in Peru, South America, the project cost was USD 40 000 000.- 25 years ago.
1972-1977 Product plan
1972-1991 Ganz Electric Works


1987 University of Economics Budapest – B.A. Degree in International Economics, majored in European, Latin American Commerce
1972 Kand Klmn Technical University, Budapest Hungary B.A. Degree in Electrical Engineering